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Want to take Puppy Intermediate, but didn’t take Puppy Preschool? Fear not! Here are two ways for you to catch up:

4 Weeks of Private Training

After an initial 30-minute consultation ($65), we meet once a week to coach you and your puppy through the skills covered in Puppy Preschool plus discuss common puppy behaviours. We can tailor your sessions to cover any specific concerns you have. You will receive exercises to practice in-between lessons. Four 30-minute lessons with your trainer.


Tuition: $200

Puppy HeadStart

After an initial 30-minute consultation ($65), you drop your puppy off at our facility twice a week for 1 hour per day. We train your puppy directly and install all of the behaviours they would have learned in Puppy Preschool. Puppies will also benefit from socialization walks downtown and will come home tired. As part of day training you will also receive private instruction via 30-minute online coaching sessions at the end of each week.


Alternatively, instead of taking Puppy Intermediate, you can en-roll your older puppy in our Polite Pooch class, which has no prerequisites and is open to dogs over the age of 4 months.

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