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Day training is a great option if you have a busy schedule or you simply like the convenience of the training being done by a professional trainer. We can jump start your dogs’ training while you are at work during the day, or continue to work on the skills started in one of our obedience classes. Newly learned skills will simply be transferred over to you in a 60-minute coaching session (transfer session) so you will know how to effectively communicate the new cues to your dog. 

Please Note: Day Training is not suitable for Behavioural Concerns

As with all one-on-one training we will start with a consultation:

This allows me to learn about your dogs behaviour, any issues you may be having, troubleshoot the desired alternative behaviours, and help provide management strategies to get you started. From there we will start your dogs training and I will personalize your lessons going forward.


You will be provided with a report card following each session outlining what we worked on and how your dog did!

Obedience Consultation is suitable for:

Leash Walking Skills
Recall/Off Leash Foundation Skills
General Manners
Foundation/Settle Skills
New Puppy or Adoption
Disruptive Behaviours (barking, chewing, digging)
Trick Training
$105/60 min Obedience Consultation
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