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All of our training methods follow our philosophy of evidence-based, force-free training which are proven to be safe and effective while allowing for a fun and positive experience for your dog. We use use rewards to show your dog the things we want them to do. These include food, toys, play, and access to things/places. 

Dog Training is an unregulated industry which means that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, dog "whisperer" or behaviourist- there are no legal or educational requirements to be a trainer (the only "behaviourist" designation is a Veterinary Behaviourist).


It's very important that our dogs are handled by those who are educated and accredited, just as we would require in any other profession. STARK Dog Training is both- Trystan has completed her certification through The Academy for Dog Trainers, considered the best in the world for our industry as well as her Fear Free Professional and Fear Free Shelter Certifications. She also constantly pursues continuing education through courses, lectures, and conferences. 

Please feel free to Ask questions regarding our training, or that of any trainer that you use. 

Position Statement by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour.

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