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Included in Private Training:

  • 1 x Puppy Consultation (60 minutes)

  • 4 x Training Sessions (45 minutes) 

  • 1 x Transfer session (60 mins)


Add on for full day daycare $35/per day


Puppy HeadStart is a specialized training program for puppies 8-20 weeks old that targets critical skills needed for puppies to grow into confident, social, well-rounded dogs. 


Each session of Puppy HeadStart includes body handling skills, confidence building activities, and obedience training. We expose puppies to positive experiences during the period when they are most impressionable.  

This program can either be done as Private Training or a Board and Train is also available. 

What is Included:

  • Initial 45 minute private consultation

  • 4 x 45 minute private sessions (plus socialization outings for boarding clients)

  • Transfer session where I show you the skills we've started

  • Handouts & Support for House Training, Puppy Biting, Crate Training & more

  • Personalized homework after each session

  • Socialization checklist provided at the end of the course to detail your puppy’s positive experiences

Skills Introduced:

  • Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Come, Leave It, Wait, Touch, Loose Leash Walking)

  • Crate Training

  • Object & Food Guarding Prevention

  • Sound Sensitivity Prevention

  • Positive Body Handling & Grooming

  • Social Skills with Dogs and People

To Register:

  • Ensure your puppy will be within 8-20 weeks old at start of first session

  • Email

  • Complete an intake questionnaire 

  • Submit proof of DHPP vaccination records (minimum first set at least one week prior to first session). Bordetella is optional but recommended.


  • Additional Sessions $105/hr

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